Thursday, December 4, 2014

More Fuel for the Cult

Likely the most dangerous cult in the US today is the cult of Ron Paul (which of course is much enamored with his dear son Rand).  The cult of Ron Paul quotes mostly only two authors; their cult leader himself (often in youtube format) and his idol Ayn Rand.  Now their second-favorite messiah has new scripture coming out:  Well, actually it is old scripture - written in 1934 to be precise - but it is text from Alisa Rosenbaum (the real name of Ayn Rand) that very few have ever seen.  The rediscovery of "Ideal" in 2012 has lead to its being prepared for publication next July. 

We can almost certainly expect to hear a lot more "libertarian" declarations next year once this starts gaining traction.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Cult Is Building Enthusiasm Again

It seemed like the resignation of the fascist cult leader from the US House would perhaps bring some of his cult back down to earth.  Clearly, that was not the case.  Ron Paul recently re-appeared by his favorite medium (youtube) to tell us how everything is so very, very wrong with our national response to Ebola. 

Naturally, his cult followers have been tripping over each other to praise his name in the wake of this surprise announcement.  Notice how many people who hurried to comment have been claiming how much better off they think they would be if only Ron Paul were president.  Who knew that so many multi-millionaires posted comments regularly on youtube?  After all; anyone who makes less than $5M / year would be left to die begging on the streets for change under an administration of Ron Paul. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

More Slashdot Paullower Fascism

(not that there is often a shortage of it)

from this slashdot comment I posted - this was a reply to a reply, so double quotations are from the post before the post I replied to here, and single quotes are the post I am directly replying to. The Paullower fascist in in single quotes.
""So fuck the poor and middle class, civilization is only for the rich.""

"Walmart is the largest, most profitable Western retail chain delivering cheapest goods to the largest customer base in the world probably."

Only a fascist would look at Walmart and think "there's a company that is good for the poor and the middle class". Walmart destroys jobs, communities, families, and employees. They drive other stores out of business. They drive down the value of real estate. They force employees to work terrible hours for terrible wages and as little for benefits as possible.

In other words, they are a fascist's dream come true. Of-course, your dream world is utter fascism so it fits well for you.

""I'd love to see how your phantasmagorical entrepreneurs would compete on price for delivering potable water to a neighborhood.""

"A company that sells to the poor becomes extremely rich because that's the market where the most money is and figuring out how to satisfy their demands will make you very very wealthy, this includes water as well."

That is a whole lot of verbage with pretty well zero substance. Do you actually have an example of a for-profit company running pipes underground for water delivery? No, of course not.

As I said before, your dream state - a dream reinforced by your church - involves freedom, opportunity, civilization, democracy, and justice for the wealthy, and fascism for the people.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Grand Old Party of Fascism

The heir-apparent to the first family of fascism was greeted warmly at the CPAC convention this year.  Indeed, this is no surprise as conservatism and fascism are natural bedfellows.  Nobody should be surprised that a party which utilized voter suppression to win elections would unite with a philosophy that views voters as idiots, workers as disposable resources without rights, and democracy itself as but an obstacle to their god-given right to rule with unlimited power for unlimited time.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More from the first family of fascism

From the slashdot discussion on Rand Paul's fillibuster:

More from the first family of fascism

Don't be mistaken, just as was the case with his father, Rand Paul is not honestly doing this in the name of liberty. Rand Paul is doing this because it is an opportunity to extend class inequality just a little bit longer. Remember Rand Paul went to college and medical school on his father's dime. He then rode into the senate on his father's legacy. There is nothing he values more than keeping his (and his father's) money. By keeping this debate open, he is able to further kick down the road any senate discussion of budgetary matters. He is also able to further delay any legislative action on actual health care matters, which makes both his and his father's practices more profitable.

Just like his father, Rand Paul is set to profit well by continuing economic disparity. He wants nothing more than to see the expansion of - or at the very least the stasis of - the deeply regressive taxation system in the US. He is all in favor of trampling on the lower economic classes in order to improve the welfare of his own.

This invariably erodes the rights and opportunities of the lower classes. This is how you bring about fascism for the people.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ron Paul followers are fascists, not anarchists

First, it is important to make the distinction that fascism does not require a strong central government.  What fascism does require is enormously unequal distribution of power within a society.  Anarchy is exactly the opposite, with the power structure of society dismantled such that there is quite nearly no power inequality.  Unfortunately some people erroneously associate Ron Paul and his "libertarianism" with something near anarchy, when in fact the world that his followers strive for is far closer to fascism.

Consider the effects of these selected Ron Paul follower positions:
*elimination of minimum wage
*end of income tax (particularly when replaced by consumption / sales tax)
*end of state-run education
*end of municipal police/fire protection
*end of environmental protections
*end of blind and accessible criminal justice system
*elimination of 40 hour work week
*elimination of worker's unions and collective bargaining

Every one of these actions in particular are vastly more detrimental to the lower socio-economic classes.  Every.  Single.  One.  Not only do they take away money and benefits from lower income people, they also empower those of the higher classes.  America currently is a vastly unfair system that favors the wealthy by a huge margin.  The list of actions listed above only shifts  the system further into their favor.  Acts like this allow them to act more radically, with more impunity.  These acts, taken together, would put us right past hoovervilles and company stores.  These acts place us back into a state where people own each other and can buy and sell other humans on an open market.

This type of power distribution is fascism, plain and simple.  It is Ron Paul, bringing fascism for the people.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Furthering Class warfare

From another post I placed on slashdot

The patent system, for as much as it gets bad press, offers the little guy (independent inventor) a chance to get ahead. With no patents, anyone with money can make a clone of an existing product and do whatever they want with it, including selling their clone as the original item. Such a patent-less system undoubtedly favors the wealthy who have access to the means to do such things.

And when you accelerate the acquisition of power, you encourage oppression in the name of profit. This leads directly to fascism for the people.