Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More from the first family of fascism

From the slashdot discussion on Rand Paul's fillibuster:

More from the first family of fascism

Don't be mistaken, just as was the case with his father, Rand Paul is not honestly doing this in the name of liberty. Rand Paul is doing this because it is an opportunity to extend class inequality just a little bit longer. Remember Rand Paul went to college and medical school on his father's dime. He then rode into the senate on his father's legacy. There is nothing he values more than keeping his (and his father's) money. By keeping this debate open, he is able to further kick down the road any senate discussion of budgetary matters. He is also able to further delay any legislative action on actual health care matters, which makes both his and his father's practices more profitable.

Just like his father, Rand Paul is set to profit well by continuing economic disparity. He wants nothing more than to see the expansion of - or at the very least the stasis of - the deeply regressive taxation system in the US. He is all in favor of trampling on the lower economic classes in order to improve the welfare of his own.

This invariably erodes the rights and opportunities of the lower classes. This is how you bring about fascism for the people.

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